What is HECM Counseling?

HECM Counseling, Another Safeguard

HECM or Reverse Mortgage counseling is required by HUD to obtain a Reverse Mortgage.  The counselor is HUD approved and independnet. You can attend your counseling in person at a local HUD approved counseling office or you can receive Reverse Mortgage Counseling by phone. Your Reverse Mortgage counselor is familiar with the basic Reverse Mortgage products. Reverse mortgage counselors are not loan officers nor do they represent any particular lender. 

Who Can Attend Reverse Mortgage Counseling? All interested parties to the transaction may attend. Family members may be present at Reverse Mortgage counseling or a friend.  Where there is a Durable Power of Attorney and the borrower is unable to attend counseling, the person holding the Power of Attorney will attend the counseling. The attorney in fact will sign the documents at application and closing. 

What to Expect When You Attend Reverse Mortgage Counseling for HECMS
The purpose of Reverse Mortgage counseling is to help you make an informed decision. Your counseling will last about one hour, and, depending on your questions, may take longer. Be sure to write down your questions for the counselor prior to the counseling session. Your counselor will go over your budget to see if a Reverse Mortgage is the right vehicle for you. 

HECM Counseling Certificate
After your HECM counseling is finished, your Reverse Mortgage counselor will issue a HECM / Reverse Mortgage Counseling Certificate which your counselor will sign. You will also sign and date the certificate.  You will then provide this certificate to your Reverse Mortgage Specialist, and you will retain a copy.  There is a fee for Reverse Mortgage counseling, typically $125. Check with each agency regarding this fee as it may be waived if you qualify).   To find a HECM counselor in your area, click the red HUD.gov link below.


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Reverse Mortgage Counseling by HUD Approved Counselors

Please click the link below to search for HECM Counselors or Reverse Mortgage Counseling which you can do in person or by phone. Be sure to write your questions down prior to your appointment.

The Reverse Mortgage Process - Steps to Closing

Free Consultation


Speaking with a licensed mortgage professional will provide you with the information you need.

HECM Counseling


Reverse Mortgage Counseling by a HUD approved counselor is required. You will be provided with a HECM counseling certificate.



Your Reverse Mortgage Specialist will take you through the entire application, explaining each document to you.



An appraisal is ordered on your home. It will be an interior and exterior inspection of your home to determine its value.  Your home will be compared to homes in the area that are similar.



After the appraisal and a title report is gathered on your home, your signed reverse mortgage application documents will be submitted to underwriting for review. 

Approval & Closing


Once your loan documents and application are approved by underwriting, you will be clear to close. You receive your funds 3 days after the right of rescission period.

Isn't it time your house paid you back?

Equity Works

Not everyone can do a reverse mortgage. They simply owe too much on their current mortgage, and there isn't enough equity. However, if you have enough equity in your home, even if you have an existing mortgage, you will be able to do a reverse mortgage. Equity is the key. It's like a piggy bank you break open to use for your own benefit.

The possibilities are endless.

Once you see what a reverse mortgage can do for you, you may change your mind about all the false statements about reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages have helped countless thousands of senior homeowners to enrich their lives, so why not you? 

It's not about me, it's about you.

No one can make the decision for you, nor should they. Children, advisors, attorneys, friends, can all volunteer their advice.  But ultimately, only you can decide what is good for you. You should study and learn as much as you can about Reverse Mortgages. Don't pressure yourself -- its' supposed to be a fun ride. 


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