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Okay. So this page is not about Reverse Mortgages. But I thought it would be nice to recall some interesting things about stars from yesteryear.

Ah, Hedy Lamarr, my favorite actress and to me the most beautiful. What do cell phones and Hedy Lamarr have in common? The website Famous Women Inventors is pretty interesting. I will be sharing more movie actor trivia with my readers. Judy Garland, the late Mickey Rooney, Clark Gable, David Niven, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Loretta Young — these are many of my favorites from the 40’s and 50’s. However, if you ask me who the funniest of all the actresses might be and which movie I think is really terrific (of course, besides my absolute favorite, Some Like it Hot), it would have to be The Sold Gold Cadillac starring Judy Holliday (and Born Yesterday is great too.

A friend of mind sent me a link I found pretty amazing.  It’s a link to a You Tube video of female actresses which shows the masterful work of digital manipulation and morphing.  I have no idea how i was done, and being a photography buff, I’d love to know. But since I don’t know, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I enjoyed it and so will you. I’m sure you will be as impressed as I was. If it doesn’t load, just hit “Refresh” or “Reload” on your computer.   Enjoy!  (My personal favorites are Heddy Lemarr and Jean Simmons.)  ( Here is the actual link By permission of Richard Kates, created by Herrbunk. It is Richard’s song that Herrbunk used to accompany the morph.

Here’s a link to website with 150 legendary stars of yesteryear. favorite male actor will always be Cary Grant.  He could play comedy and drama as well.  I loved him in the comedies he did with Kate Hepburn, especially Bringing Up Baby. Your heart breaks for him when his rare dinosaur collection comes crashing down to the floor at the hands of the catastrophe ridden Kate Hepburn.  Who is my favorite actress?  Audrey Hepburn, but then again, I have many favorites:  Bette Davis, Deborah Kerr, Loretta Young, Judy Holliday, Natalie Wood, the list goes on.  Well, that’s all for now.  If you have something to share about these old movies, let me know, but make it from the 40’s and 50’s if you can.



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