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The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from my friends and associates.

BIOGRAPHY - Kathie Adler, a resident of Long Island for over fifty years, is an experienced Reverse Mortgage Specialist serving Long Island, New York and New Jersey. Known as a caring mortgage professional who advocates for her borrowers, Kathie's mortgage expertise began in 2001 when she was hired by a mortgage broker in Patchogue, Long Island New York. Kathie has been a top producer, but Kathie's main focus is her borrower's welfare; her caring manner and common sense approach puts seniors at ease. Kathie has helped senior homeowners out of bankruptcy and foreclosure, and senior homeowners have added to their financial portfolio with a Reverse Mortgage. And Kathie also helps first time home buyers and anyone seeking mortgage programs.

Kathie's Licenses: After the financial crisis in 2007-2008, all loan officers were required to be licensed. Kathie Adler is licensed by the New York State Dept. of Financial Services and is authorized to originate mortgages in the state of New York as well as New Jersey. (Licensed by NJDOBI, New Jersey Dept. of Banking and Insurance.) Kathie has passed the national SAFE Test and all required state mortgage tests and also attends annual continuing education. Her NMLS identifying number is 65780. For more on Kathie's licensing (under Kathleen Adler), go to: http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/



Free Phone Consultations or Seminars: Kathie will provide a no-obligation phone consultation as well as a Reverse Mortgage Proposal so borrowers can review the proceeds available to them and whether or not a Reverse Mortgage is their best option.  She also conducts free Reverse Mortgage seminars to educate seniors, their families, and the community about Reverse Mortgages. Her presentations have included Patchogue Medford High School Adult Education (Patchogue, NY), SUNY Farmingdale, Fraternal Congress of New York / Syracuse, NY, AARP, Village of Islandia Mayor’s Meeting, Libraries, Chambers of Commerce, and Senior Centers.  

Kathie's Reverse Mortgage article entitled Don’t Fly Too Fast, You Might Break Your Wings was featured in the September 2008 issue of the Reverse Mortgage Review magazine. It details Kathie's interaction with one elderly borrower who wanted human companionship in his lonely life after he did his Reverse Mortgage with Kathie.

Kathie was also called to testify in Suffolk County Court on Long Island on behalf of one of her borrowers about the efficacy of Reverse Mortgages. Kathie believes in Reverse Mortgages and develops relationships with all her borrowers. “With each Reverse Mortgage closing, lives are changed. Another one of my clients achieves their dreams, and I make a new friend.” One Patchogue resident says of Kathie, "You can trust that she'll do the best job possible. Ask me how I know."  Kathie is a member of Senior Umbrella Network of Suffolk, a Senior Advocacy Organization and Networking group and Advisors Mortgage is a member of NRMLA, National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. 

Personal Background:  Kathie is a retired doll manufacturer as well as website designer and professional portrait photographer; she also did weddings through her former business, Dimension Photos. Kathie produced her own radio program on mind control cults over WLIX Radio in the mid to late 1980's producing over 950 half hour shows, five nights per week. Her seminars on cults and cult phenomena were well received all over Long Island.

Talents and Hobbies: Kathie is a classical pianist, an avid gardener, and loves collecting biographies. She is a web designer, but her big love is photography.

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Reverse Mortgage Testimonials

What Borrowers Say About Kathie Adler

 Mr. Sean Clark, Vice President
Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC

Dear Mr. Clark,
We feel remiss in not writing this letter sooner. Especially today, in a time when so few are willing to give that extra step to help others. Kathie Adler went many extra steps to help us through trying times. . . Without her understanding and countless hours counseling and encouraging us we would have given up and walked away, much to our detriment. May your company have many more high-quality people like Kathie. But then, there aren't that many around.

Name Withheld
Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York

Dear Kathie,
Thank you so much for all your help with the Reverse Mortgage. The Reverse Mortgage has enabled me to remain in my home as long as physically possible, a home I've been in for over 40 years. After my husband passed away I thought I would have to sell my home. I really did not want to do that. My husband and I worked very hard to buy our home and it felt as thought increasing costs of maintaining our home was getting out of reach. My income was going towards maintenance and taxes, with very little left for anything else.

The Reverse Mortgage has alleviated my fears and I now can breathe easier. I actually can save part of my income, which wasn't possible for many years. Thank you again, Kathie, for your compassion and expertise.

God Bless / Stay well!
Northport, Long Island, New York


Hi Kathy,
I wanted to drop you this note to thank you on behalf of myself, my husband, but more importantly my 84 year old mom for your competence and efficiency in helping us apply and complete a Reverse Mortgage for my mother. You were very patient with my mom and showed compassion and sensitivity during the time when she was in such a stressful financial situation. You were always readily available and knowledgeable when we called upon you with questions or running around to be done in order to get the Reverse Mortgae completed correctly, smoothly and quickly. You played an important role in helping my mom to be able to stay in her home and feel much more financially comfortable. We would highly recommend you if we should know of someone who needs your services. Once again, thank you so very much from all of us. You did a great job.

Smithtown, Long Island, New York      


Dear Kathie,
I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thank you. I want you to know my wife and I cannot thank you enough for all your help and comfort. We were two scared old people and didn't know what to do. You guided us through the Reverse Mortgage with great passion. The money came to us just like you said it would. All my wife Jean and me can say is many many thanks. You are a great credit to your company. God bless you.

Jean and George
Howard Beach, New York

P.S. I would and will gladly recommend you to others.


More Testimonials From Borrowers



Reverse Mortgages aren't one size fits all. Be sure it's right for you!  Countless senior homeowners having taken advantage of this wonderful  tool.  Perhaps you will be another success story.
RUTH: "I was able to purchase a home in Atlanta, and now I own two homes, one  in New York, one in Atlanta, with no mortgage payments. Having a  Reverse Mortgage has helped me be closer to my family and to be able to  spend time with them. It's been wonderful." Amityville, Long Island, NY

MARGARET: "My home was in foreclosure, and I had declared bankrupty. My Reverse  Mortgage specialist and the Mortgage Processor worked very hard to help  me. The Reverse Mortgage ended the bankruptcy and the foreclosure. I  even got some cash out. I am finally free of my mortgage payments and  all my debts." Islip, Long Island, LI, NY

ANN: "Doing a Reverse Mortgage helped me to get rid of a monthly mortgage  payment that was about $800 per month. With that money I can invest, do  things around the house, and just do whatever I want." Holtsville, Long  Island, NY

JAMIE: ". . .money was tight.. . .my mortgage got behind. It made me nervous  whenever I got letters from my mortgage company. Then we called a  Reverse Mortgage specialist. . . before I knew it, my mortgage payments  were history.  It was the best thing we could have done." Bay Shore,  Long Island, New York

KEN: "My parents passed away, and the kitchen needed work.  With the Reverse  Mortgage, I have the money I need to do repairs on my house. I have  money left in the Reverse Mortgage if I need more money." East Islip,  Long Island, LI, NY

ANITA: I had always relied on my husband's income all my life as I was raising  my children. When my husband died, my safety net was gone. Then, I  heard about Reverse Mortgages. I was able to keep my home and handle all  the bills without working. I now have a monthly check that comes  directly into my checking account. Between my husband's social security  and pension checks and my Reverse Mortgage check that comes faithfully  every month, I can live freely and enjoy the home I have lived in for 41  years. I am so thankful there was an answer for me. Medford, LI, NY

JOHN AND CORINNE: The Reverse Mortgage helped us buy a new car. My husband and I needed a  new vehicle to drive the grandchildren around in. Not only did we buy a  new car, but we went on a much needed vacation to the Poconos!  

Patchogue, Long Island, NY

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